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The American Motors Corporation was the last American automobile manufacturer independent of the "Big Three" — General Motors, Ford und Mopar (Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth). Its short history (1954-87) was full of ups and downs, and it produced some remarkably unique vehicles. The last artifacts of the company are sold under the name of Chrysler Jeep today.
On this site you will find an article about the history of American Motors, an article about my favorite AMC, the Pacer, and the "Zuckerl" section where some specials await you. Enjoy!
Learn more about the world's most well-known company symbol: The Mercedes-Benz Tri-star. Especially about the purposes of the hood ornament on Mercedes automobiles. Check out the "Save the Ornament" campaign!
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Study: In July 2007, I graduated as Magister Artium in Computational Linguistics at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, with Computer Science and Business Administration as minors. Here you'll find some papers and other stuff I wrote, including my thesis. Language is German.
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GNU - Linux - Emacs - Common Lisp - Mac OS X - Windows: Besides vintage cars, computers are another passion of mine. I'm especially dedicated to the sub operating system GNU Emacs, and the programming language Common Lisp. At the time being, I make a living of systems administration, and here you will find some tips and papers which I originally compiled for the class "Introduction to Unix for freshmen of Computational Linguistics". German only.
Links: Some of them aren't even car-related!
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