Save The Ornament!

Nice star, huh? When I took the picture, it was the star of my finnie. I can't tell what it is right now. Maybe the star-on-the-wall or the star-in-the-drawer. It was stolen while the car was garaged with the front as near to the wall as possible. The moron who took it wanted exactly this one. He left the newer Benzes in the garage alone (the star of those is smaller).

You ask why this thingy is so important? I see, you never drove a Mercedes. This ornament is a multi-purpose device:

1. It reminds the driver of the elements. The three rays stand for three elements: air, earth and water. Like: air for the intake, earth for traction and water for cooling. Or: air for airborne, earth for dirty floor mats and water for aquaplaning, I can't remember.

2. It serves for aiming purposes. That's why Mercedes cars are such excellent straight runners!

3. It warms the heart of the driver. Especially when you drive through a tunnel and watch how the neon lights make it glance.

4. The guardian angels use it as an emergency hold when the driver corners real fast. So they can keep taking care of the passengers even in fast corners, unlike on other cars where they just fall off and are left behind which often ends in pain and tragedy.

And finally let's not forget that a missing star deprives a Mercedes of its identity just like castration deprives a male dog of its ... OK, let's not get too deep into this.

You drive a Mercedes and want to know how to prevent the star from disappearing?

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