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Been here already? Take a look at the new entries! Note that the latest entries are from, like 1998.

"I think a Claymore mine would fit nicely behind the grill (just make sure it faces the right way!). It could be wired to the ornament so that when the ornament is tilted past a certain angle, the mine explodes, thus cutting the would-be thief in half at the waist. I think this would be very effective, but hard on the grill and radiator. There are also laws against booby traps. Other than that, I have it all worked out. You did say not all solutions had to be 100% serious right?"
Kids, don't try this at home!
credit: James Dow
car: 1985 300SD
ornament losses so far: "I have not lost a single ornament in 10 years of driving Mercedes (I'll probably have mine stolen tonight for typing that!)"

"I have strapped a plastic ice-cream container of spare ornaments onto the side of my car (below the mirror) with a sign saying 'Please take one'.
Alternatively, I hire a German shepherd to sit by my car in car parks."
credit: Jennifer McCutchan

"Last time I bought two on the basis that if I've got a spare, no-one will steal it. It's worked so far. It is rather like it never raining if you have an umbrella but, by God, it sure does if you haven't. My father used to have a spell that any shaman would be proud of. Whenever he washed, leathered and polished the car, rain would follow shortly after."
credit: Peter Ellis
car: 1985 200 (father: 1987 200D)
ornament losses so far: 3

"My finnie has the original ornament -- I found it locked in the trunk, where I suspect it has been for most of the last 36 years! That's ONE way to prevent theft!"
credit: Rick Washburne
car: 1961 220Sb
ornament losses so far: 0!

The next one doesn't bring solutions, but it's a funny story anyway (okay, I guess it wasn't THAT funny when it happened...)
"Did I tell you that my hood ornament cost me $1200?? No, not $12.00, but $1200.00!!
A couple of years ago my wife and I went to the movies. Upon exiting I saw that I had lost my first hood ornament to some juvenile delinquent. Well, I couldn't have my car going around town without the proper hood ornament, so I went to the local dealer for a new one. On my way home, I got into a small fender bender. Total cost - $28.00 for the hood ornament and $1172.00 for the body work.
I have since lost my hood ornament one other time. Replaced it with an aftermarket $12.00 one that is of significantly cheaper quality. I'm kind of hoping someone steals this one, so I can put the OEM one back on."
credit: Len Sokoloff
car: unknown
ornament losses so far: 2

"I recall an earlier discussion on the theft of the hood stars and some fellow said he had no trouble since, when parked, tieing his Doberman to the front bumper! Likely unhelpful but it made me feel better!"
credit: Tom Carney
car: 1969 250C
ornament losses so far: unknown

"Have you considered installing an alarm system? Relatively inexpensive and most versions are equipped with adjustible sensitivity, ranging from someone actually opening your car door, to as sensitive as setting it off by walking within 1 meter.
Other options include a removable star available through your local car magazine or Hemmings Motor News, a window sticker 'protected by Smith and Wesson', I think we've also discussed a Klapperschlange on the dash and a vibration triggered camera on the dash. During the last discussion on this subject electrocution was ruled out as to high a insurance risk and the following potential lawsuit.
Here in America we can pfeffer deren Arsch mit Schrot, drag them back onto our property and call the police to have them arrested."
credit: Josef Hinkofer
cars: 1982 300TD Turbo, 1979 350SL, 1958 220S
ornament losses so far: unknown

I found the next ones in the archives

"I have a fantasy in which I have a can of spray paint hitched up to the thing. When someone grabs it, they get squirted with paint or dye."
credit: unknown

"I got sick of having stars broken in the '70's and had an electrician friend of mine isolate the star from the body and attach it to a capacitor of the type used in electric cattle fences, worked a treat [sic.], but then I got nervous about kids getting a electric shock and causing dysrythmia of the heart and disconnected it. However I did replace it with razor blade ends superglued onto the rear surfaces of the upper parts of the star circle. Someone tried to pull it off one night and left blood stains all over the bonnet from the two fingers hooked into the star. In revenge they kicked a panel in instead. Just last year I caught two kids making off with my star and apprehended them and got payment from their father for the replacement. I'm somewhat more charitable these days, if the star goes, I just buy another. Guess I've become rather wimpish in my mature years. "
credit: Glen Mylne
cars: 190b, 190c, 190Db
ornament losses so far: unknown

"'I think the novelty of the hood ornaments has worn off.'
GOOD! If it hasn't, we'll start a Reagan type anti-hood-ornament-stealing type campaign - Just say NO to hood ornaments!
MOPAHOT! (Mercedes Owners Pissed About Hood Ornament Theft)"
credit: Eric Via
car: 1977 280E
ornament losses so far: 0!

"Wire the ornament to a switch which will trigger a recording saying: 'If you take the Star, your head will be blown off'. Combine this with an old US Air Force B-52/G surplus infrared tracking system, complete with a roof mounted 20mm cannon. Of course, the cannon will track a would-be thief, but not ever fire, and yet would still be effective, I believe. !"
credit: Lance Duchesneau (he usually signs his mails with "Peace"!)
cars: 1968 250/8, 1981 300 D
ornament losses so far: unknown

Another star related story:
"I have a 1962 220SEb Cabriolet and I had it covered in my back yard for a number of years before I could build a new garage. While it the car was in the back yard the cover was stolen three times but NEVER the star. The star was in the glove box! One day I got scared that the bad guys might take the star from the glove box. So...I took the star in the house. Now I can't remember where I put it! I guess that means I have lost one star thus far - but I have only myself to blame!"
credit: Robert Millard
car: 1962 220 SEb Cabriolet
car cover losses so far: 3

This is a very simple yet effective solution:
"The previous owner of my '73 220D used to live in Columbus OH. His ornament was stolen twice before he hit on the novel idea of not putting on a new one. So my car does not currently have an ornament."
credit: Mark Ingram
car: 1973 220D
ornament losses so far: 0!

"If you know a friendly materials engineer or (like me) work in a materials laboratory, simply tie the star on with Kevlarô yarn. That sucker ain't going NOWHERE! Well, at least the base isn't..."
credit: M. Mitchell Marmel
car: 1966 230S
ornament losses so far: 0! (He says: "I'm using the Mark Ingram method of not putting a star on, at least until I have the 230 running...")

New entries:

"Well. It was really very funny reading all this. I tell you what to do:
Forbid all films in wich Indiana Jones falls off a Mercedes, grabs the ornament and breaks it off (Raiders of the lost Ark). That's what kids like and they try to prove they can do as well. Well, wonder what *I* did with your ornament? Don't! I'll tell you!

Another tip: Uninvent all letters that can be formed by breaking an ornament- T, M, L, A, C, D, E, F, I, J, K, O, Q, U, V, Y, W..."
credit: Mario Adam
car: unknown
ornament thefts so far: unknown...

"You know, I'm not actually a Mercedes owner although I would love to be someday (when I have more money). In any event, I thought you might be interested in a fascinating idea I encountered in Spain a few years ago. I was walking through Salamanca in 1995 when a Mercedes 190 pulled into a parking space right in front of me. As the owner got out and locked the car, I watched in amazement as the star hood ornament automatically retracted into a small slot in the hood! A star that disappears when the car is locked - now that's good protection."
credit: Alex Ellsworth
car: unknown
ornament losses so far: no Benz, no ornament (o.k., unless you have a Rolls-Royce, a Chrysler or a '79/'80 AMC Pacer Ltd.)

"I think that if we were to put sodering irons at the base of the star under the hood behind the grille and turn it on when we feel that our stars would be in danger of being taken by a switch mounted inside the car, that this would probably make them think twice before they go to rip the next one off."
Probably an excellent idea, although another quite brutal one, I guess. Now if only somebody could tell me what sodering irons are ó my dictionary wouldn't.
credit: David P. Markley Sr.
car: 1985 Mercedes 300D Turbo Diesel
ornament losses so far: 0

So that's all I have so far. Thanks to all contributors! If you have an idea you'd like to find here, drop me a mail!

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